Introduction to the Tourplan NX User Interface

This whitepaper will help you to understand …


I) Logging In and Out of Tourplan NX

Logging In

Each user within Tourplan NX will be assigned their own unique username and password and will use these details to access Tourplan NX. This whitepaper will show you how to log in for the first time and how to correctly log out of Tourplan NX.
Tourplan or your system administrator will provide you with the URL for your Tourplan system. Use your browser to navigate to your Tourplan NX log in screen.

  1. Insert your unique Username and Password as indicated
  2. If you are logging in for the first time or your password has expired, you will be presented with a 'Change Expired Password' dialog. This is where you will create your new password.

How to create your password for the first time:

  1. Leave the 'Old Password' field blank (this field is used for existing users, not new users)
  2. Insert your password into the 'New Password' field
  3. Repeat your password into the 'Password Repeat' field
  4. You can amend your password expiry date in line with policies and procedures of your company
  5. Click 'Save'.

It is important to note:

Logging Out

Each user logged into Tourplan NX is counted as part of a total user licence. Your organisation will have a maximum number of user licenses that can be logged in at any given time. If this maximum is exceeded an error will display and new users will not be able to log in until others have logged out.
It is important to get into the habit of correctly logging out of a Tourplan session when it is no longer needed, so as to free up an available user licence for another colleague to use.

To log out

1. On your Dashboard Tab, select the 'down arrow' next to your user name at the top right of your screen

2. Select the 'Logout' button

Please note:

3. If you simply close the Dashboard Tab at the top of the screen your login will continue to use/hold the user licence and others may not be able to access Tourplan NX.

II) The Dashboard Explained

Once you log in to Tourplan NX you will see your username in the top right hand corner and you will be presented with your personalised dashboard. This may also be referred to as your home page or landing page.
Your dashboard offers quick access to your most recent work. Bookings, quotes or messages can be opened and worked on without having to navigate your way through a menu structure to search for a specific booking.
The dashboard is divided into 4 sections, details of which are explained below.

1. Recently Worked On – displays the quotes and/or bookings you have been working on recently. You will see there are two tabs available: Bookings and PCMs. These tabs relate to the module the booking or quote has been created in

2. Travelling in the Next 2 Weeks – displays a list of your bookings that are travelling in the next two weeks

3. My Messages – displays a list of system generated messages or messages from others within your organisation

4. Useful Links – this is where you can store your own useful or frequently used links.

III) Adding Useful Links

Located at the bottom right of your dashboard is an area called Useful Links. This is where you can personalise your dashboard by adding links that you regularly use and these will remain unique to your dashboard.

How to insert a Useful link

1. Select the + to the right of the heading Useful Links

You will be presented with the following screen

2. Insert the name of the link that you want to display (choose a name that makes sense to you)

3. Copy and paste the URL link from your web browser into the URL field

4. Click 'Save'

The newly created URL link will display in your Useful Links list and when you select it in future it will open in a new tab.


IV) Understanding the Menu

Navigating to the various Tourplan NX applications is done via the NX Menu. This is located to the left of the home page. The menu is accessed via the three parallel lines icon at the top, also known as a 'Hamburger Menu'.

When you click on the menu to expand the contents you will see that the menu is split into two sections.

Quick Links – this is a list of three menu items you have used most recently. For Tour Consultants this will typically be FITs, GROUPS or PCM QUOTES. For accounting staff this will typically be Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and General Leger. Most of the time the quick links menu will be all you need to use.

The second part of the menu under the blue line provides access to all areas of the system you have authorisation for.

Pinning a Menu

NX allows you to pin or lock your menu. Pinning the menu structure will mean that the menu stays open to the left of your screen, slightly reducing the size of your work area.
Pinning your menu will work for any menu display within Tourplan NX, and selection to pin or un-pin your menu will come down to personal preference.

How to pin/un-pin your menu
To pin your menu select the pin icon seen in the top right hand side of the menu.

To un-pin your menu select the unpin icon seen in the top right hand side of the pinned menu.

V) Opening and Closing a Module

When expanding your Menu you will notice that the main menu structure is broken down into headings such as Bookings and Quotes, Operations, Financials, Products, Reports and System.
These menu headings are known as modules. When you click on a menu heading or module you will be presented with an expanded sub menu for that module. A more detailed explanation of each module and its functions will be covered within your training; for now we will look at how to open and close a module.

How to Open a Module

If we look at Bookings and Quotes as an example:

When you select 'Bookings and Quotes' you will be presented with modules called FITs, GROUPS, and PCM QUOTES.

To select, click on the module that you would like to use (for this example we will use FITs). You will notice that the FIT module will open for you in a new tab, and the menu has changed to display the menu options available within your FIT module.

The additional menu items such as Booking Detail, Itinerary and Operations and Accounts will be enabled when you have a booking or quote displaying in your work space.

How to Close a Module

A module you are working in can be closed in one of two ways.

1. Select the down arrow next to your login name at the top right of your screen

Click on 'Close FITS'

2. Tourplan is a browser based system so you can close the tab as you would with any web page.

VI) Multiple Tabs for the Same Module

Clients subscribed to the 'Enterprise Edition' can open the same module (e.g. FITs) in multiple tabs. This powerful feature provides the ability for you to work on multiple bookings and/or quotes at the same time.
Clients on 'Small Business' or 'Professional Editions' are only able to open each module in one tab, however different modules may be opened concurrently.