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Tourplan NX Product Roadmap Released

We're very excited to announce our new Tourplan NX roadmap. We have a lot of momentum with NX, and are not holding back during COVID times. We have built a release roadmap enabling a significant collection of features to be incorporated and delivered to our clients over the next 12 months. Having some relief during current months from normal operational pressures means we can also focus on some key features we've needed space and time to implement for upcoming versions.

Our new roadmap below shows future NX releases, alongside timeframes and an outline of what to expect for each version.

Tourplan NX Roadmap




July 2020

October 2020

March 2021 *

July 2021 *

NX v1.4

NX v1.5

NX v1.6

NX v2

*Beta and production release dates to be confirmed

Upgrade Path

The new roadmap provides a straightforward path for you to:

  • plan when best suits your company to upgrade, and
  • implement the new features within your specific version

We provide complete flexibility in your upgrade plans with the ability to upgrade from v1.3 to any of the above v1.x releases. You may for example go straight from v1.3 to v1.5. Please contact your local Tourplan office to discuss your preferred upgrade plan. 

Here's what's available now, and what you can expect over the next 12 months:


Available now, key features include:

Package Price Analysis

Ever wanted to know when a PCM package or quote price changes throughout the season based on the package components?

The new 'package price analysis' provides the ability to quickly analyse a PCM package or quote across any date range, identifying on which dates the price of any itinerary component and the overall package price changes.

Cancellation Policy Enhancements

Significant cancellation policy enhancements include:

  • Internal cancellation policy rules can apply to external services
  • Cancellation policies can be set to apply to All bookings, FIT Only, or Group Only
  • Cancellation fees can be set per price code
  • Cancellation policy dates can be relative or fixed

Booking Change History

Keep track of cost impacting changes to your bookings. A new feature, 'Change History', has been added to both FITs and Groups providing a complete history of changes to the booking including:

  • When the change was made, and by who
  • The new cost, agent and retail price

GL Analysis and User Defined Text Fields

New GL features include:

  • Up to 5 user defined text fields, enabling you to further describe each GL account
  • Up to 6 user defined GL analysis fields, enabling you to further categorise and report on your GL accounts over and above the current branch and department codes

Pick-up and Drop-off Bulk Updates

Great for your operations departments, this new feature allows you to update service pickup, dropoff or remarks details in bulk across a range of bookings. Ideal for updating flight arrival or departure time changes on transfer services, and series tour service pick-up/drop-off updates.


For the full list of new features in V1.4 please  click here 




Available October 2020, key features will include:


  • Enhanced Pax CRM features: A new Pax CRM function will allow you to create, view and edit pax details independently of bookings
  • New Messaging Codes: A large number of new and messaging substitution codes will be added across bookings and accounting functions
  • Supplier Invoice Import: A new import facility will allow both XML and CSV files containing supplier invoice details to be imported

Further details of V1.5 features will be announced in October



Planned for March 2021, key features will include:


  • Product Auditing: Updates to products, including rates, will be recorded with a complete change history available for database managers and administrators 
  • Accounting Auditing: Details of updated transactions in AR, AP and GL will be recorded with a complete change history available for accounts managers and administrators

Further details of V1.6 features will be announced early 2021