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This document is intended for Tourplan NX clients and identifies functionality changes included in recent patch releases. It will be added to as further releases are made relating to this particular version. Note: Any development-related queries will continue to be responded to by your local Tourplan Support Team via the standard ticketing process.



Messaging Substitution Code (Supplier Address fields)

Supplier Address fields have had the messaging functionality amended to include  :CP,  a conditional text function which allows the fields to show once if repeated in a message.

External Service StatusesIf Tourplan NX is configured to use external services there is now an External INI Setting which can be configured to allow multiple statuses (for OK, RQ and XX).  This allows you to provide a comma delimited list of accepted values.
Order of Allocation SplitsThe order of allocation splits now displays in split code order.
Product Analysis ReportThe layout of the CSV generated Product Analysis Report has been adjusted slightly to enhance readability. There is now a new line between each line of data.
Debtors Module Remainder Value of 0.01Numerical fields in NX have been changed to use standard number rounding functions (such as used to display currency values). These will now round to the required precision before formatting eliminating the un-calculated amount from un-rounded totals.
Standing JournalEach line value will now be rounded to 2dp before completion of summing occurs ensuring the actual debit/credit totals match their displayed values.  Where there may be small differences due to currency conversions the journals will only be flagged as unbalanced if the difference is half a cent or greater.



12 Hour Clock

Messaging pick up and drop off times can now output onto documentation as 12 hour clock if coded to do so.

Journal Reference Sorting

Journal Reference now automatically sorts numerically.

SCU of Extras updated

If amendments are made to the service line SCU for the main option, the SCU is now automatically updated for any extras applied in the booking.

Manual Override Package Mark-up Retained

Recalculation of booking will now retain any previously manually overridden package price/mark-up.



Allocation Messaging Codes

Allocation messaging enhancements allow the flexibility to output allocations per day.

Allocation splits per day can be output by held inventory or partially allocated inventory.

In addition five messaging codes have been included:

  • The allocation date the allocation block is for.
  • The number of units of inventory still needed for this date by room (if room based) or unit (if pax based).
  • The number of units held (by split or by all splits depending on how the message is coded).
  • Allocation split code.
  • Allocation split description.

Rate Name and Rate Text in Product Search

When users are searching for Product the Rate Name and Rate Text are now visible in the Rate Sets column within the Results Tab.



Phonebook Selection

The method of displaying and selecting phonebook entries when sending messages has been significantly enhanced

  • All phonebook codes are now detected.
  • A full list of contacts grouped by agent, supplier and contact type is visible.
  • A contact within each type can now be selected.
  • The dropdown selection is by contact name instead of email address.
  • The sent details and phone book tab is replaced with a sending tab that contains the email subject.

Message History

Significant changes have been implemented to reduce the size of message history storage.

PNR Airline Plate INI added

INI added to control the plate number to be used based on the prefix of the ticket number.



Messaging Summary Sections

Messages can be designed to provide subtotals based on service codes and a summary of services can now include a Summary by Pax Break/s.

Package Unlinking

Users now have the ability to unlink a service from a package and/or unlink an entire package.

Scroll Pricing

Enhancements to FIT, Groups and PCM service insertion include:

  • The Sell Column in the Service Line Insert - Results Screen has been renamed to Retail and will include any product discount/mark-up.
  • An Agent Column has been added to the Service Line Insert Results Screen and values in this column will have any booking, itinerary or pax range commission applied as well as any product discount/commission.
  • The rates displaying in the More Info Modal now includes any booking, itinerary or pax range mark-up as well as any product discount/commission.
  • The rates displaying in the More Info Modal for FIT bookings now include the total amount based on the booking configuration requested. The rates displaying in the More Info Modal for PCMs has been removed as is unnecessary in this application.
  • Values on the More Info Modals and Save Insert Service Modal now show in a standard number comma separated format.

Allocation Management Enhancements

Enhancements have been made to Allocation Management features including:

  • Filtering on the initial scroll.
  • The ability to check/uncheck unit types in one go from a checkbox in the table header.
  • Automatically checking sub-allocations that are already defined when selecting a new unit type in the Alter Days Modal.
  • Automatically checking sub allocations once a unit type has been filled in for the sub allocation data in the Add Unit Type Modal.
  • In Add Unit Type Modal, once a sub allocation has been completed for a unit type, these sub allocations are checked automatically when selecting a new unit type.

Credit Note Text

There are now three user description fields available in:

  • Debtor Create Credit Note transaction.
  • Creditor Create Credit Note transaction.
  • FIT/Groups New Credit Note.
  • Credit Note Audit.

Receipt Entry Changes

The layout of the receipt line entry view has changed. Amendments include:

  • Adding the Invoice Amount, Credit Amount, and already receipted fields. (These fields are not inclusive of the currency receipt amount and are displayed in the invoice currency).
  • The location of Outstanding Amounts is now above the Invoice – Credit – Already Receipted, and displays in invoice currency.
  • Displaying the Exchange Rate in 8pd instead of 4dp.

Cancellation Policy Messaging

Service line Cancellation Policy information can be generated for messages including:

  • Cancel period from and to dates.
  • Cancel period to date.
  • Penalty fee amount.
  • Type of penalty applied (fixed, percentage).
  • Cancel penalty cost and tax amounts.
  • Cancel penalty retail and tax amounts.
  • Cancel penalty agent and tax amounts.
  • Cancel penalty applies after this date.
  • Cancel penalty applies inside this time (x days or x hours).
  • If the cancellation penalty is in effect then display "in effect" otherwise shows blank.

Side Panel Collapse

A number of screens in Tourplan NX have some form of Main Panel, and a Side Panel that often displays more detail about the selections made within the Main Panel. Functionality now includes an arrow that will collapse to increase the width of the main panel.
Side panel collapse is available in the following screens:

  • Cash Transactions.
  • Cheque Selection Edit.
  • Close Vouchers.
  • Pre-payments.
  • Release Held.
  • BSP Import.
  • Cheque Invoice Search.
  • Invoice Search.
  • More Info.
  • Save New Service Flight.
  • Voucher Search.
  • Book On.
  • iCom Activity.
  • Resource Assignment Create.
  • Substitute Service.
  • Agent Code Change.
  • Booking Code Change.
  • Branch Code Change.
  • Department Code Change.
  • Product Code Change.
  • Supplier Code Change.
  • Bulk Messaging Filter.
  • Resource Assignment.

Limiting Notes from re-occurring

Tourplan NX now has the ability to compare Note Codes limiting a Note to output information within the note once - if the previous note was the same.

Search by Booking Reference

Users can search for bookings using a Booking Reference search, this now includes a filter to search by Booking Status.

New Security Settings

Two new Security Settings have been introduced to prevent external rates showing for selected users and to prevent the electronic 'confirm' button from being visible for these users.

Open Booking from Product – Used In

Users can now select a booking to open from within the Product Utilities – Used In screen.

Email Attachments

Documents can be sent in Word Format (Docx) or PDF depending on how the message template is coded.

Pax Name in Assignment Manifest Report

There is now the option to use a checkbox to include passenger details in the Assignment Manifest.

Transaction Output Selections

Tourplan now provides an option for the user to generate a document for the transaction as per the AR Invoice from Debtors.

Arrival/Departure Report Sort Order

Arrival and Departure Reports can be selected to sort by:
Driver, Vehicle or Guide.

Date Range Tab to Include Product Description

Users can now see the Product Description and Product Comment on the Date Range screen.

Queue Messages

Internal messaging queues have been enhanced allowing users to send messages to colleagues. Associated message content with Agents, Suppliers, Users, Bookings/Services, PCMs/PCM Services or for a General nonspecific entity is available.

Messages can be received from the user's Home screen or from Queue Entry menu selections within applicable applications.

Queue defaults setup now includes detailed pre-selection criteria allowing users to easily select pre-defined message text.

Import PNR

The Enterprise Edition of NX allows PNR's to be imported into FIT bookings from a GDS. The setup and training for this functionality will require contact with your local Tourplan support office.

Branch Level Accounting

Professional or Enterprise Editions of NX allow companies to run a complete suite of financial accounts, including Profit and Loss, and Balance Sheets concurrently by company branch from one NX system. Implementation of Branch Level Accounting will require contact with your local Tourplan support office.