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Creating a User Group in Tourplan NX

This whitepaper will help you to …

  • Understand what a user group is in Tourplan NX
  • Create different user groups
  • Attach users to the user group
  • Allow group access to system functions

I) Overview

Security settings can be created in Tourplan NX to control access to various modules and functions within modules, and can be per user or for a group of users. This means that within your organisation you can split your users into different work groups, for example Accounts, Operations, Product and Management. This whitepaper will show you how to create a group of users and assign the group to the modules they require access to.

Assigning users to a user group provides consistency in module access at a group level instead of per user.

Tourplan NX will operate without setting user groups; this is an additional feature that is available.

User groups are stored in the Security Setup page within Tourplan NX. You will need to be an existing Tourplan user to be able to create a new user group.
Clear planning is required beforehand to define your required groups and access levels and help make the process straightforward. For new clients this will be discussed during your training sessions.

II) How to Create a New User Group

To create a new user from the home page you will need to:

1. Click on the 'System' Menu

2. Select 'Security Setup'

3. Click on 'User Groups'

4. Select the 'Insert' Button

5. Give your user group a name (e.g. 'FIT')

III) How to Attach Users to a User Group

Attach users to a group by highlighting the users' names one by one and using the > button to move the users' names from the left hand column to the right hand column.

IV) How to Allow Group Access to System Functions

Now that you have defined your 'group' and assigned users the next step is to allow group access to the required system functions. For this example we will be using the security level of 80 which will provide the user group with access to the associated function.

To link the user group to the required function open the System Menu

1. Click on 'Security Setup'

2. Select 'Security Settings' menu item

3. Click on 'By Group'

You will be presented with the following screen. Within this screen you will see the User Groups that you previously created in the User Group column, and a column called System Functions. To assign group access to the different functions listed, you will need to define a security level to the necessary modules.

To add the security level of 80 to the FITs Module

1. Click on the user group you wish to assign access to. This will enable the fields in the right hand column. For this example we have used the User Group 'FITs'

2. Assign the security level of 80.

Important: This will set a minimum level of 80 to all functions within the FITs module.


3. Click 'Save'

To change the security for different functions within FITs

1. Click on the + to the left of FITs. This will expand the FIT module to display the functions which can have individual security level access assigned

2. Enter the security required per function as required. Note: Any function security level entered must be higher than that entered for FITs.

3. Click 'Save'