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Creating a User in Tourplan NX

This whitepaper will help you to…

  • Create a login for a new user in Tourplan NX

Additionally for Tour Consultants

  • Insert a new consultant
  • Link the newly created user login and consultant to their required modules

I) Overview

Each Tourplan NX user requires their own unique Username and Password to log into the system. To create a new user you will need to be an existing Tourplan user. This whitepaper will show you how to create a new user with full system access to Tourplan NX by assigning the highest security level of 99. Additional instructions are included to allow you to automatically assign your Tour Consultants' names to the bookings and quotes they create.

Important notes:

  1. Tourplan NX comes pre-installed with one generic login name: TOURPLAN. This user cannot be removed as this login name will be used by your Tourplan support office.
  2. This whitepaper is only intended to show how to create a new user so that the person can log in to Tourplan NX.

Full security setup, including assigning user groups and access levels to modules and functions is discussed during your training.

II) How to Create a New User

To create a new user from the home page you will need to:

1. Click on the 'System' Menu

2. Select 'Security Setup'

3. Click on 'Users'

You will see a list of all Tourplan users, including Username, Full Name, Security User Group and when user passwords expire.

4. Select the 'Insert' Button

5. Complete the fields below inserting information relevant to your user

Explanation of fields:

Login Name

Each user should have their unique Login Name. This is the name the user will use to log in. Formatting of this field is defaulted to caps lock.

Full Name

User's full name. We generally recommend not using caps text within this field as the user's full name can be used for documentation or messaging.


For this set up we are using security level 99. Level 99 is the highest security level and users with this security level will have access to all areas within the system. Your full security structure within different setup access levels will be discussed as part of your training.

User Group

Leave this field blank or refer to additional security documentation specific to security user groups within Tourplan.


This field and the 'Password Repeat' field can be left blank with the password expires date defaulted. If you leave these fields blank the user will be given the option to create their password when they log in for the first time.

Password Repeat

see above

Password Expires

This field will default to today's date

Job Title

The information entered into these next 6 fields can be used on your documentation, and it is important to adhere to your organisational requirements surrounding formatting of names, and phone numbers to achieve documentation consistency.


see above ...









Following these steps will allow a new user to log in to Tourplan NX.

III) How to Insert a New Consultant (optional)

For Tour Consultants we can now link the newly created user into the required booking and quoting modules.
For this example we will focus on inserting a new consultant code and linking this consultant to FITs, GROUPS and PCM QUOTES modules. This will automatically assign their consultant name/initials to a new quote or bookings they create.

From your system menu

1. Click on 'code setup'

2. Select 'bookings' from the menu

3. Select 'consultant'

4. Click on 'Insert'

5. Insert user initials within the code field and the user name within the description code. It is important to note that each user initials should be unique to that user.

IV) How to Link the User or Consultant to the Booking Module

The user is now listed as a consultant in Tourplan NX. You may now link the Username and Consultant initial to the required modules (FITs, GROUPS and PCM QUOTES). This will assign the user's initials and user name to the booking or quote at the time of booking creation.

From your system menu

1. Click on 'Code Setup'

2. Select 'INI Settings'

3. Click on 'FITs'

4. This is where you will add the new consultant. To do this click on 'Insert'

  • You will be presented with the following screen

  • Use the drop down selection to find the Setting Name

'CONSULTANT – Consultant Name'

  • Enter the consultant's initials as the value, ensuring you use the same initials as previously created
  • For User ID, use the drop down selection to select the user's name


5. Click 'Save'

If your consultant will be using GROUPS and/or PCM modules you would follow the above steps selecting 'GROUPS' or 'PCM' in place of the 'FITs' (step 3).