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  • RoomKey - This is a numerical value to link passengers together to rooms
  • RoomType - Room Type values can be SG, TW, TR, QD, OTDB
  • Title - Mr, Mrs, Ms, Miss, Master
  • Forename - First Name of Passenger
  • Surname - Surname of Passenger
  • PaxType - Values can be A for Adult, C for Child, I for Infant
  • BirthDate - Use either Age or Date.
    If using Age use a number between 0 and 150.  Date of Birth will be calculated based on Travel Date.
    Valid Date format for BirthDate is dd/mm/yyyy.
    Use 0 if Age or Date of Birth is not known.
  • PassportNumber - alphanumeric field
  • Notes - Maximum 60 characters text field to enter additional information about the passenger e.g. meal requirements or health information
  • An example file is displayed here. This can be entered in Microsoft Excel, for example, and saved as a CSV file.