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Data itemTypeDescription



String (2)

String (2)

To change the status of the booking, both of these data items must be supplied (and both must bevalid Tourplan booking statuses). When this request is processed, the booking status is changed to TourplanBookingStatus if and only if the bookingstatus is currently TourplanOldBookingStatus. If this is not the case, then the rest of the updates are still done. The current booking status is returned in the reply, and this can be compared with TourplanBookingStatus to see whether the change occurred or not. Optional.


By defalt the entered date of a booking is the day it was created. However, this date can be changed by specifying a new EnteredDate. Optional.



String (3)

String (60000)

Zero or more booking notes can be included in the UpdateBooking request. NoteCategory for each must be a valid Tourplan note category that has type BH and that does not allow multiple notes. The contents of NoteText must be in RTF. Optional.


String (60)Name of the party for whom the booking is being made (required). Note that in some systems Name is forced to upper case. ** This is the Booking Name and NOT the passenger name. Passenger names cannot be updated. **

The following additional data items are returned.