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Product version: 3.10.000

Document version: 1.00

Last Updated: 11/03/2015

Author: Geert van Eycken


  • When setting substitutions for copy-in packages you have the option to choose specific alternative services

  • Assume you have chosen to allow a service to be substituted by Same Service Type

  • This will allow you to choose any service in the entire database as long as the service type is the same.
  • However when substituting the service the search parameters are ignored and search will always show you the entire list of services for the specified service type as in the below example.

  • Even if you change the location to let's say LON

  • The location parameter is ignored when scrolling services an all services of the same service type are returned making it very hard to find an appropriate service.

As of version 3.10 search parameters are honoured

  • You have chosen to allow a service to be substituted by the Same Service Type and now want to substitute the service from within bookings

  • Assume you want to replace the service with an LHR location

  • The location parameter is now honoured only scrolling the AC services for location LHR making the selection process much easier and faster

  • In effect all search parameters can now be used when substituting except the parameter set as minimum criteria in PCM substitute service i.e. AC in our example.