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<Section name="googlemap">
            <GoogleMap  width="600" height="400"/>


Rate Content Template

RateContentTemplates.xml is located in the /site folder. This is an xml file that can be edited with any text editor (commonly Notepad or Wordpad, NOT Microsoft Word)
WebConnect will display a non-customizable Rates tab by default. The customizable version can be enabled by setting the enableCustomProductRatesTab setting in the webConnect.config file to “Y”, then you can use the RateContentTemplate.xml to customize the Rates tab.
Below is a description of the key areas of the Rate Content Templates file and how to customize in accordance with your requirements 

*****Please note that if you copy the text from this work document into the XML then please check that the formatting is ok (Check the " are the correct ones)***** 

*****Please make sure you take a backup copy of the template before making any changes*****

Config: This is the top section of the file.

<EmptyGalleryMessage>(No images available yet)</EmptyGalleryMessage> 

If the gallery is not going to be used this setting contains the text that will appear on the Gallery page. The default is "(No images available yet)"

<Map name="optionId" path="Option/OptionNumber" /> 
<Map name="optcode" path="Option/Opt" /> 
<Map name="description" path="Option/OptGeneral/Description" /> 
<Map name="comment" path="Option/OptGeneral/Comment" /> 
<Map name="location" path="Option/Opt" substring="0,3" /> 
<Map name="locality" path="Option/OptGeneral/LocalityDescription" /> 
<Map name="class" path="Option/OptGeneral/ClassDescription" /> 
<Map name="button" path="Option/OptGeneral/ButtonName" /> 
<Map name="address1" path="Option/OptGeneral/Address1" /> 
<Map name="address2" path="Option/OptGeneral/Address2" /> 
<Map name="moreninfourl" path="Supplier/MoreInformationURL" /> 
<Map name="supplier" path="Supplier/Name" /> 
<Map name="supplierAddress1" path="Supplier/Address1" /> 
<Map name="supplierAddress2" path="Supplier/Address2" /> 
<Map name="supplierAddress3" path="Supplier/Address3" /> 
<Map name="supplierPostCode" path="Supplier/PostCode" /> 
<Map name="supplierPhone" path="Supplier/Phone" /> 
<Map name="supplierFax" path="Supplier/Fax" /> 

These are standard mappings for the Product Content page and ARE NOT TO BE MODIFIED

Rates Tabs: this is the main section in which the page layout for the notes is designed. 

Service Codes:

<RateContentTemplate servicecode="default">

"Default" represents the notes and layout that will be used by all service types. If different notes and/or layouts are required these can be broken down by service type by entering the service code in place of "default". Eg: 
<RateContentTemplate servicecode="AC">for accommodation 
You can also list more than one if several service types all have the same notes output Eg: 
<RateContentTemplate servicecode="AT,AC">


Title Block: Location and Button of the service.

<Section name="title">
<Info name=" locationdescription" /> 
<Info name="button" inline="true" spaceafter="true"/> 

Service Location
Service Button 




Subtitle Block: The Supplier name.

<Section name="subtitle">
<Info name="supplier" inlinelabel="true" link=”true” textismap=”true” text="moreinfourl"/> 

Name of the supplier that is hyperlinked to the supplier more info page. The supplier name is what is displayed as the hyperlink.




Comment Block: Information and notes about the

<Section name="title">

<Info name="supplierAddress1" inline="true" />

<Info name="supplierAddress2" inline="true" />

<Info name="supplierAddress3" inline="true" />

<Info name="supplierAddress4" inline="true" />

<Info name="supplierAddress5" inline="true" />

<Info name="supplierPostCode" inline="true" />
<Section name="separator"></Section>
<Info name="description" inline="true" />

<Info name="comment" inline="true" />

Supplier address line 1

Supplier address line 1

Supplier address line 1

Supplier address line 1

Supplier address line 1

Supplier postcode

Separator line
Description of the service 
Comment on the service


Other lines can be added as desired,

where name=”field to display”.

The default is set up to mimic the

non-customizable page setup.


Address lines and postcode are only

used for accommodation services in the

default xml.