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The sections below describe the new functionality in the new Online Tariff only. Please also see:

  • Appendix A for a full table of configurable items in the online Tariff (including this new V3 version)
  • The associated Sample Product Tariff.xml files also available in the myTourplan knowledgebase.


The Excel export of the Product Tariff contains an index page and worksheet per supplier for ease of use. 

There is no configuration required for this as it will adopt the configuration of the Product Tariff itself. However, you can customise the output on the index page in your template file.


  <FileName value="ProductTariff.xls" />

  <IndexTabTemplate indextitle="Confidential Rates" headingBackground="#EEEDE9" >

    <Column name="Hotel Room" maptopath="supplierlink" />

    <Column name="Class" maptopath="class" />

    <Column name="Location" maptopath="location" />




It is possible to add more columns to the index page by adding more <Column>-elements. The value in “maptopath”-attribute has to be defined in the <Mapping>-section, see Appendix A – Config.

Example below:

Clicking a Hotel name link on the Index page will show the worksheet for that hotel: