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Date Dependent Text Within Notes

Product Version: 2.07+
Document Version: 12.00
Last Updated: 2621/0201/2009 16:20
Original Author: Geert Van Eycken

This white paper will help you to …

  • Make note text date range specific
  • How to apply Apply date sensitive tags to notes
  • Understand the date sensitive tag requirements and limitations


  • The syntax must be exact for these tags to work. If the syntax is not correct the text together with the tags will be output.
  • If the note substitution code is placed in the header, itinerary header, itinerary tail or tail then the travel date will be used in deciding when to display the date sensitive note text; if the note substitution code is placed in the lines section then the service date will be decisive.
  • Do not use note substitution codes for notes including date tags on following message types:
    • Invoice
    • Remittance
    • Journal
    • Statement
    • EFT
  • When retrieving notes via hostConnect, the date sensitivity tags will be displayed in the XML response. From here your web developer should be able to filter which text to display.
  • The Date Dependent Text within Notes works at WebConnect / Option Info ans and Supplier Info section from Version 3 onwards.
  • System shows the note contents within the date tag according to the service date user search at WebConnect / Online Booking section.