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    • And following message codes:
      • SUFR = supplier confirmation for freesale
      • SUAL = supplier confirmation for allocation
      • SURQ = supplier request
      • SUXR = supplier cancellation request
    • When iCom sends a supplier message iCom will update the service status to a status which identifies the message has been sent. Assume we have following service statuses for this purpose:
      • If message SUFR is sent status becomes FS
      • If message SUAL is sent status become s AS
      • If message SURQ is sent status becomes RS
      • If message SUXR is sent status becomes XS
    • With the above settings we would have following value for ICOM_MESSAGE_STATUS = FR:SUFR:FS,AL:SUAL:AS,RQ:SURQ:RS
    • And for cancel service we would have the following value forĀ ICOM_CANCEL_MESSAGE_STATUS = IX:SUXR:XS

  • With this setup, whenever a new service line is added (by webConnect or hostConnect) a message will be sent to the supplier, and the service status updated on success, so long as: