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PCM Supplement Mark-ups

Tourplan now offers the ability for users to edit the mark-up values of PCM supplements at a service level.

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PCM Price Analysis

A new menu item called Price Analysis has been added to the PCM Menu giving users the ability to analyse prices in a PCM for a particular date range. Recalculation of the PCM will identify price adjustments to services within specified dates. The system will save a new base date for each price change in the selected range.

New messaging substitution codes have also been included in this release allowing price analysis documents to be generated.


Allocations Delete Allocation Archive Flag

The allocation application now includes a 'Flag as DeletedArchived' check box, which will prevent the allocation from being used.

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Landing Page Enhancements

The Tourplan NX Home Page or Landing Page has had some significant enhancements.

  • Recently worked on bookings and PCM's can be set to display specific booking statuses, and the number of days that bookings are searched for can be defined.
  • The heading 'Travelling in the Next Two Weeks' has been amended to 'Travelling Soon'. This is because this feature is no longer limited to 14 days: users can now configure this for up to 28 days within a system setting.
  • Useful links: Organisations can create useful links system-wide for all users and useful links may now be deleted.



External Services Room Configuration

Enhancements have been made to room configurations when a service has been sold using Supplier Connectivity. Users can now view the room type pax are using via the Pax Configuration view of the service line.

Cancellation Fees for External Services

Tourplan NX now allows cancellation policy rules to apply to external services.

Supplier Level or Product Level cancellation rules screens have been enhanced to include an 'apply to external services' check box.

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Cancellation Policy Changes

Significant enhancements have been made to cancellation policies.

  • The user interface now includes tabs a Service Tab, and a Fee Tab.
  • Check boxes have been added for users to select the booking type the cancellation applies to (All bookings, FIT Only, FIT and Group, or Group Only). If selected, separate tabs will appear to view the different cancellation fees.
  • There is now the option of setting a specific price code allowing different cancellation fees per price code.
  • Radio buttons have been added for users to select the type of date in the cancellation rule (relative or fixed).

Copy Functions

Copy buttons have been introduced and replace the menu option 'Copy Booking' for FITs, Groups and PCMs. The copy button is now available from the General Setup Screen.

Branch Level Invoice Selection

Significant improvements have been made to branch level accounting allowing cash transactions to be matched to invoices for a single branch. Users now have the ability to select invoices by booking branch/department when creating cash transactions from debtors or creditors.

Time Entry and Display Formats

Organisations now have the ability to configure the time entry and display formats in NX. New system settings allow time formats to be determined system-wide assisting users with time entries.

Day Name Visibility

NX has been enhanced to include display of the day name alongside the date and calendar fields.

Allocation Display

The display of allocation data within bookings now includes a scrollable split grid. More data including product code, product description, supplier code and name can now be viewed if the user enables the additional columns.

Notes Handling and Display

Improvements to note functionality and display have been applied in several areas of Tourplan NX providing consistency across the different applications.
Existing notes may now be expanded using a dropdown arrow (similar to when in the product application viewing notes) and notes can be edited by selecting the new edit note icon. The new note button has also been repositioned so that it is visible when the menu is pinned.

Booking Change History

Tourplan has developed the ability for users to view the booking history within the FIT and Groups user interface. A new menu item called Change History can be applied to the Operations and Accounts menu. This function allows users to view. If you are interested in this feature please speak with your local Tourplan Support Office.

Service Status Update

Enhancements have been made to the FIT and Groups applications whereby users can now update the service status when sending supplier messages from bookings.

Added Security Settings for Bulk Messaging Operations

Tourplan has added new security settings which control the editing of bulk messaging default filters for (Bulk) Supplier Messaging, Agent Messaging, and Voucher Production. If enabled, users will have access to the set of default messages but will not be able to copy, save or delete them.

Queue Messages Export to CSV

Enhancements have been made to Queue Messages and there is now the capability to export the Queue Message to a CSV file format.

Grid Search Functionality

This release of Tourplan NX provides users with the ability to search for entries in Code Setup - specifically the Discount/Commission Matrix, and Itinerary Segments.
A search icon has been added to the column heading. If selected a search dialogue box will display on screen for users to input information to search for.

Flag Product as Deleted

A 'Manage Deleted Products' button has been added to the field Flag Creditor as Deleted within the Creditors Application. If the check box is selected and the creditor is flagged as deleted the product attached will still be visible to users when searching for product. The Manage Deleted Product button allows users to bulk flag/unflag individual products linked to the supplier.

External Service Failure Reporting

Tourplan NX now has the ability for users to view a System Event Queue for Reporting on External Service Failure. Once the System Event Queue is setup users will need to be monitoring the queue in NX to identify any issues that may have occurred.

Journals in Multi Company Mode

Enhancements have provided improvements to the use of journals when the system is in multi company mode. These include:

  • The branch will be defaulted to subsequent journal line inserts
  • The total debit/credit/balance are shown in branch currency as well as base
  • A journal cannot be saved unless both base and branch currencies balance to zero.

Message History Filters

New filter functions have been added to the message history, and users may now filter messages sent by date, message type and status.


Service Line Notes

Enhancements have been made to allow Service Notes to be inserted, maintained or viewed in the FIT, Group and PCM applications. A new tab is now available from the Itinerary > Service Line when the user drills down into the Service Details screen.


Column Selection

New Column Selections have been added to NX as follows:

  • The Service Line Insert screen - Users can now select a Price Code Description column
  • The Resource Assignment – Users can now select columns for Vehicle, Guide and Driver
  • The Bookings and PCM application > Itinerary View – Users can now select a Location Name column
  • Rooming List > Pax Names View – Users can easily distinguish which names have already been assigned by selecting to view the assigned column
  • The Groups Application Rooming List > Service Tab. Users can select further columns for Service, Status, Supplier, and Supplier Name columns.


Note: To open a column selection in Tourplan NX click on the blank spaces between the column headings to see the column selection available for this screen.


Sort by Supplier

Users may now click on row headers to sort by supplier, or supplier code when sending supplier/voucher messages.

URL Field

Enhancements have been made to the size of all URL fields: Tourplan NX now allows a field length of up to 250 characters.

Product Setup – Rates

A 'select all' check box has been added to the Product Setup - Rate Period screen allowing all rate periods to be selected at one time.

Bulk Messaging

Enhancements have been made to bulk messaging functions whereby a new option has been added to sort by supplier when consolidating on a single document.

Deposit Invoice

Users now have the ability to select all service lines when raising a deposit invoice.

Output Currency in Plural if required

A check box has been implemented within the currency definition which decides whether or not a currency has a plural. e.g. 1 Pound, or 50 Pounds.


Product Search Results

Enhancements have been made to the Product Search Result screen in Bookings and PCMs – the Class and Localities are shown (expanded) by default.

Supplier Confirmation

Users now have the ability to update a Supplier Confirmation number field from the Service Search Results screen when a service is booked.

Voucher Search by Booking Ref

Tourplan NX now allows users to search for vouchers in Accounts Payable by specifying the Booking Reference number.

Pick up and Drop off Bulk Updates

A new menu item called ‘Update Pick Up/Drop Off’ has been added to the Booking Operations application for users to be able to update pick up/drop off and remarks fields in bulk.

GL Analysis FieldsEnhancements have been made to the General Ledger Application. There are now six analysis fields which can be enabled to categorise accounts.  These analysis fields can be used as additional filter fields and/or for reporting purposes. Please speak with your local Tourplan Support office if you are interested in using these fields.
GL User Defined Fields

New User Defined fields are available for the General Ledger Application These fields provide extra descriptive fields which can be used for internal display and can appear on reports if required.  Please speak with your local Tourplan support office if these fields are of interest to you.