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Using Foreign Language Conversion

This white paper will help you to …

  • Specify language translations.
  • Amend Message Definitions to facilitate language translation.

NOTE: This functionality is not intended to be a full scale translation tool. It will not take English text and produce the equivalent French text. It will only provide the ability to replace single words or phrases e.g. : "Night" with "Soirée"
The system will only convert whole phrases not individual words within the phrase. For example "Run of House" will only make one translation not three.
The translations are case sensitive i.e.: Night will be different to night.

 Using Foreign Language Conversion


  1. Select the Code Maintenance Icon.
  2. Select Messaging on left hand-side menu.
  3. Choose Language

The right hand screen will display all the languages currently defined.

Click on the insert button and you will be able to enter a new language. Enter the new code and details and save.


In the setup details of both Debtors (Agents) and Creditors (Suppliers) define the languages they will use. This has to be completed for the message translation to work.

Debtors Detail Screen.

Creditors Detail Screen.


  1. Select the Code Maintenance Icon.
  2. Select Messaging on left hand-side menu.
  3. Choose Language Translation from the drop down menu.
  4. The right hand screen will display all the translations currently defined.


5. To insert a new translation click on the insert button on the top menu. An insert box will appear.

Insert Screen Definitions:

            SOURCE: The Tourplan word to be translated.

            LANGUAGE: The languages specified in under the Language section of

            Code maintenance.

            TRANSLATION: The translated word.

            TYPE: Whether it is language based or part of a date format.

 Example one:
The following languages are defined in the language table (FU - French, GE- German, SP-Spanish, and DU- Dutch).
Inserting German translation for Adult. On the source line type the word Adult. In the translation field next to German enter the German translation – Erwachsener.


The equivalent translations for other languages can be entered if needed.

Click OK to add records.

As Language Translation is case sensitive both upper and lower case translation will need to be entered (eg : Night and night). If only one is defined, this will be used for both capital and lower case words ( ie: night/nacht would be used for Night and night.).


The list of Messaging Substitution Codes can be found from within the Tourplan application by select Help and choosing Search Help.  This will open web page: Messaging Substitution Codes in Tourplan iS

The list highlights for which substitution codes Translation will be attempted.  If a substitution code has a value in the column "Translation Type" then Translation will be attempted for this substitution code.

For Dates only the text section will be translated.  E.g. in 11-Oct-2004 'Oct' will be translated.

Additional Languages will need to be added to the Message setup in order for the translation to work. Any free text within the messages will also have to be changed to the desired translation.

Example: Original Voucher Message definition – language – English (unassigned)

All free text in English and substitution codes in English.

Click Insert and copy the existing message. Use the same name and description but change the Language code to the desired language and click OK.

If you clear the screen and then reload the message – there will be only one copy but you will be able to select different language setups.

Select the relevant Language Setting and change the free text (leave the message substitution codes in English), then save the changes.

In the Language Translation table I have not defined any of the substitution codes on the message.

In Fastbook I load a booking with an option for which the Debtor/Creditor language is GE. For this particular service I print a voucher message and run it to edit. All the free text prints as specified but the substitution code words do not (see 08 Oct 04, Accommodation, Estate Suite, Adults, Double, Night on message)

I then added the following codes and translations to the Language Translations Table,
Accommodation, Double, Adults, Estate Suite, Oct (Date type), Nights.

When the voucher is printed again the correct translations print for the substitution codes.
Oct , Double, Nights, Estate Suite, Adults, Accommodation are now in German.