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Groupbook Names List Import


This white paper will help you to …

  • Learn about and make use of functionality to import a list of passenger names into a Groupbooking and create a Rooming List


We have recognized that Tourplan Clients need the ability to import large passenger lists into a Group booking. These passenger names then need to be able to be allocated to a list to generate a Rooming List.


A Tourplan Group booking rooming list is now able to be imported from a specific CSV file format.

The functionality is driven from the List Configuration screen.

In the example below there is currently no rooming list or names set up in this booking. Press the Insert button to begin the process.

At insert time a dropdown will appear with an option to "Import from File".

Select this option and type in a Rooming List Name for the new import and press OK.

The system will Browse the local PC to locate the file you wish to import:

Once the file is located and the Open button is clicked the names are imported as below:

Names are linked together by the "Room Link" number entered in the CSV file. (See below for an example CSV format.)

(warning) This import can only be done once. Importing a file a second time will duplicate all names and room links. If a new import is required, or an amended list of names is received then all current rooming lists and names must be deleted first and then another import can be run to import the fresh data.

Multiple Rooming Lists can be imported and attached to specific services. To do this you will repeat the process and create a new Rooming List Name to import those names into.

Tick "Add to Existing Rooming List" to merge the new names with existing names.

Create a new Rooming List name.

CSV File Format requirements

The CSV file needs to contain the following headings under which the data is entered:

  • RoomKey - This is a numerical value to link passengers together to rooms
  • RoomType - Room Type values can be SG, TW, TR, QD, DB
  • Title - Mr, Mrs, Ms, Miss, Master
  • Forename - First Name of Passenger
  • Surname - Surname of Passenger
  • PaxType - Values can be A for Adult, C for Child, I for Infant
  • BirthDate - Use either Age or Date.
    If using Age use a number between 0 and 150.  Date of Birth will be calculated based on Travel Date.
    Valid Date format for BirthDate is dd/mm/yyyy.
    Use 0 if Age or Date of Birth is not known.
  • PassportNumber - alphanumeric field
  • Notes - Maximum 60 characters text field to enter additional information about the passenger e.g. meal requirements or health information
  • An example file is displayed here. This can be entered in Microsoft Excel, for example, and saved as a CSV file.

NOTE: If the CSV file is not in the correct format or does not contain the correct date format for Birth Date the file will not import and the error will display as: