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TourplanNX - AXUS Setup


This White Paper explains how the Tourplan – AXUS integration works and is configured in Tourplan.
(NOTE: A printable version of this white paper is available for download HERE)

AXUS produces digital itineraries for its clients by extracting the tour itinerary detail from Tourplan. The AXUS – Tourplan integration uses the Tourplan hostConnect* API to pull the itinerary detail from Tourplan and display the information in the Axus application. The Tourplan booking itinerary information required for Axus is delivered via a specific BOOKING AGENT message template.

The message template and setup details are included below, however if any assistance is required setting this up, please contact your local Tourplan support office.

*AXUS – Tourplan integration will run on Tourplan NX Editions Professional and Enterprise only.

Integration Setup


The AXUS – Tourplan integration uses the Tourplan hostConnect 'getBookingMessage' request to pull the itinerary detail from Tourplan. The getBookingMessage request requires a specific agent message template to be defined in Tourplan per details below.


  • Code = ZAXS
  • Type = Booking Agent Message
  • Message Template – see Appendix A


  • Via internet INI settings enable the agent message ZAXS.
  • Two rows are required

  • The message code can be linked to any of the 5 iCom_output_Label and iCom_Output_Msg pairs (the example above uses '1' but you can use any of 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5).


Axus can only import images if on a URL. This URL is in turn saved in a Tourplan HTML Note.
You can also decide to use Axus' Library to complete services with images, outside the integration.


Any agents for bookings which are being accessed via Axus and hostConnect must be internet enabled, and have a login/password defined. The login/pw will be recorded in AXUS

HostConnect API

You will need to provide AXUS with the URL/endpoint for your hostConnect instance. This will look something like:

You will also need to ask Tourplan support to whitelist the AXUS IP address: on your hostConnect systems(s) (IE both live and test) for all Agents/Debtors.

Accessing Tourplan Itineraries in Axus

Once the above details are configured Tourplan itineraries can be uploaded into AXUS via the integration.

This is done via accessing your AXUS application, click on Import, choosing Tourplan Vendor and entering the Tourplan Agent/DebtorID, Password and Booking Reference field in the appropriate places and clicking the import button.

AXUS will then request the booking itinerary from Tourplan via your hostConnect API.

Please note:

  1. This method is only valid for FITS. You cannot import GROUPS.
  2. If you wish to allow FITS created by your own in-house staff to be available to AXUS (via hostConnect) you will need the Internet INI setting 'ICOM_NON_ICOM_BKG_ACCESS' set to Yes

Updating itineraries in AXUS

Once an itinerary is imported in AXUS, you can update it further from inside the itinerary in AXUS.
For changes to Tourplan Itineraries when already uploaded to AXUS please contact AXUS support for further assistance.

Message ZAXS Template

The below template is a good starting point.

The template is setup in XML format with starting tags and ending tags e.g.:

  • Starting tag <VENDORNAME> and ending tag </VENDORNAME> are required by Axus
  • <AN> is the Tourplan substitution code for Agent Name

Tourplan Substitution Code

The Tourplan substitution codes used in the template below are suggested codes; replace the codes so they work with your Tourplan workflow.

Tourplan Message Types

Adjust the message types below to fit with your database setup

Tourplan Note Codes

Replace the note codes below with valid note code. E.g.

  • Replace ZZZ with the note code where you store URLs to images

Tourplan Contact Types

Replace the contact type code below with valid contact type code. E.g.

  • Replace ZZ with a valid Tourplan contact type code