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Release Notes NX 1.3 External

This document is intended for Tourplan NX clients and identifies functionality changes included in recent patch releases. It will be added to as further releases are made relating to this particular version. Note: Any development-related queries will continue to be responded to by your local Tourplan Support Team via the standard ticketing process.


Queue Management

Functionality has been included to allow a pre-defined Queue Destination to be saved when saving a Queue Management filter.

Booking Branch Change Process

Enhancements have been made when a booking branch has been modified. The system will update only the transaction item of the transaction line. This allows the accounting system to link the transaction to the new booking reference. A notification will display alerting the user that they should then adjust the booking transactions manually (by crediting invoices and raising new transactions) to ensure transactions are correctly accounted for in the old and new booking reference.


Voucher Status

When generating a voucher message, a closed voucher status can now be retained even if the accounting period was previously closed.


Rounding is now applied for reports generating service currency summary data.

Service Line Insert Screen - Held Services

Users now have the ability to use a scroll bar if a large volume of services are stored within the Held (services) Tab.

Messaging Substitution Codes

Currency substitution codes have been enhanced to include <CURS> and <CURS:D> allowing the currency sub-code and currency sub code description to output on messaging documentation


General Ledger Transactions

General Ledger Transactions can now be output by branch in Branch Currency.

Product Database Markup

Tourplan has added check box fields to the service details screen.  After inserting a service, users now have the option to select to Apply Database Mark-up.  Options for Default Driver and Default Guide have also been added: these check boxes enable the Driver/Guide defaults in the Product Database to be turned on or off.

Closed Voucher Report

Previously when generating a Closed Voucher Report the tab was called ‘undefined’. The tab has now been updated to read ‘Closed Voucher Report’.


Group invoicing

Functionality now allows linked PCMs to be consolidated within group invoices.

Supplier Messages

Enhancements have been made for users when editing a message in the message editor. It is now not possible to select a new message in the side panel until any changes in the current message have been saved.


Receipt Saving

Enhancements have been made to the insert receipt saving process - if there is no Debtor Receipt message template saved in Code Setup Tourplan will no longer display the “Output Documents” screen when receipting in Debtors.

Rounding Optional Services

Functionality to include rounding of Optional Services displaying in the Markup/Commission Screen is now available.

Substitute Services

Tourplan NX now allows bookings to substitute services where the cost currency of the original service is different to the substituted service.

iCom message triggers

An additional INI control has been implemented which will allow organisations to send a message to a pre-determined email address if the add service request takes more than the specified length of time. 

This INI control (ICOM_BKG_MAIL_TYPE) is to be used in conjunction with INI setting ICOM_BKG_EMAIL_TO

Internet Sales From and To

Tourplan NX now allows a sales from and to date for internet enabled product.

Messaging Date Formats

Enhancements have been made to the messaging application allowing the messaging date format to apply within an email subject container

Message Substitution Codes


Child and child share substitution codes have been updated for two purposes. 

  • The use of <AGENT:CH><AGENT:CS> child prices at the header level will now return child share costs, this is to accommodate how pax are defined within a booking in NX
  • The use of <AGENT:CH> <AGENT:CS> child prices at the services level will now allow child share or child prices dependant on the configuration of the service

Message Substitution Codes <CW>

Implementation of a messaging substitution code to allow cheque transaction values output to be in words instead of a numerical value.

Messaging Substitution Codes <SMAN> <SMANM>

Additional substitution codes have been included to allow:

  • Supplier mailing address name <SMAN>
  • Master supplier mailing address name <SMANM>

Messaging Substitution Codes

Transaction messaging codes now support the use of :BC allowing the value to show in base currency if required.

Resource Assignment Manifest

Resource assignment manifest generation includes significant recall enhancements allowing the production of 1000+ resource assignments per report.



Itinerary Segments

Itinerary segment processing enhancements have been implemented to support images, tables, bullet points, and hyperlinks.

Email address formats

Enhancements have been made to the email address format and the symbol ‘+’ is now supported.

Note deletion

Users can now delete historical booking notes if their security level permits.

Booking Supplier messages

Booking supplier message functionality now includes the ability to output booking itinerary notes within a message.

XML Message History

Message history options now allow users to record a date and time stamp for XML messages when sent.

Message Substitution Codes

Messaging codes now include transaction message substitutions for Remittance messages, codes are as follows:




Credit Note

The tax and commission tax portions will be calculated from the original invoice values in the following situations:

  • When inserting lines into a new credit note
  • When inserting lines into an existing credit note

Debtor Invoices

Debtor invoices can now be saved and retrieved from the agent or booking message history.

Supplier Remittances

Supplier remittances can now be saved and retrieved from the supplier message history.

Email container and subject line

Message Substitution codes can be used within an email container and within email subject lines.

Transaction line quantity

Tourplan NX now allows a value of 0.5 line quantity (if required).

Supplier Confirmation codes

Messaging substitution codes now include <SCF> and <SUPCONF> for AP cheques and AR receipt message types.



24 hour and 12 hour clock sub-codes

Messaging codes now include :12 and :24 hour sub-codes.  Cancellation by (Date and Time) can be applied to cancellation policy substitution codes.

Transaction Summary

Enhanced messaging functionality where transaction summaries can be filtered by product analysis.



Retrieval of booking

Enhancements have been made to how bookings can be retrieved.  You can now retrieve a booking in FITs or Groups by supplier confirmation number.

Booking PCM Search

Bookings and PCMs applications have been enhanced to allow booking search functions to include the addition of two extra tabs: Pax/Service Tab, and the Analysis Tab.

Users can now search with advance passenger and/or service related fields, or booking analysis filters.  The existing booking search tab has had the branch and department selections enabled also.

Japanese Language

A Japanese language package can be installed allowing Tourplan NX menus to display in Japanese.  Speak with your local Tourplan support office if this installation is required.

Cancellation Policy Enhancements

Cancellation policies - users are now able to copy an existing cancellation policy or split a date range at the product or supplier level.

Product Recall

Modifications have been made to the product application. Users now have the ability to exit the product selected, and are able to easily navigate to the other products attached to the supplier.

The application has been enhanced allowing a two-step exit process.  When the user has a product open, the first exit selected will close the product whilst the second exit will close the supplier.


Pax CRM Data

An additional profile tab can now be enabled for CRM related data to be stored per passenger.  Information such as dietary requirements, visa details, loyalty programs or recording a traveller’s age is now possible.

Messaging substitution codes have been enhanced to include passenger CRM profile entry data.

Discuss with your local Tourplan support office if you would like to implement the additional CRM profile fields.

Column Order

The column selection functionality has been enhanced to allow the user to modify the order of columns.

Note: The column selection is saved to the browser cache and not to the NX database, so if the cache is deleted or the user selects a different browser or PC, the column selection will reset to the pre-set column order.

Resource Assignments

Enhancements have been made to Resource Assignments. A column selection is available to include Product and Package Name if selected.

GL Journal Import

Tourplan NX offers a new GL Journal feature whereby CSV files containing journal lines can be imported. CSV import files will require specific mandatory columns to effectively import data.

Please contact to your local Tourplan support office for more information on this enhancement.

Messaging passenger order

Messaging enhancements of passenger name order have occurred. Messages can now be coded to output passenger names by either:

  • Surname then Forename
  • Lead-passenger first, then sort remaining passengers by Surname then Forename
  • Sort by Passenger Type (Adults then Children then Infants) first, then within the Passenger Type sort by Surname then Forename
  • Lead-passenger then sort the remaining passengers by Passenger Type (Adults then Children then Infants)

Speak with your local Tourplan support office to learn the substitution code options now available.

Mobile App

Mobile App users have the ability to enable an ‘Add Ons’ category for users to view selected booking notes, nominated agent, supplier or pax contact types. If companies are interested in this feature please ask your local Tourplan Support office about enabling it.

Home Screen

Recently worked on – now provides a scroll bar for users to access more bookings from their home screen.


Product Analysis Report - Additional selections to order product analysis reports are now available.  These include Agent, Branch, Department and Location, Agent.

Arrival and Departure Report – now allows users to show columns providing resource information for driver, vehicle and guides if selected.

Pax Travelling

The Pax Travelling screen now allows users to add columns Supplier Name, Supplier Code, Product Code.

Security Settings

Security settings have been updated to allow users the ability to update or view Debtors online.

Package Message

Enhancements have been made to how messages can summarise package costings.

Product Rounding

Product rates now have the ability to round to the nearest 100.

Service Date Changes

Tourplan NX now has the ability for users to determine the insertion point when changing a date/day sequence number of an existing service in a booking or PCM.  A full list of services will display for the user to select the insertion point in the same way users can insert a new service.

Child Supplements in Linked PCMs

The Groups application now prorates the child/child share and infant supplements per person per itinerary across the service lines in a PCM.  This will ensure the expected value is retained if a service is deleted, or the PCM is linked/unlinked.

Allocation for Group Unit Types

Non accommodation product can be sold off allocation for Groups and FOC overrides can be applied correctly. Specific setup is required for Allocation to operate effectively so please talk with your local Tourplan support office if this applies to your organisation. 

External Service Delete

Security settings can now be enabled to control how, when and who can cancel or delete External Services.

Room Configuration Selection

When inserting a service in a booking or PCM the room configuration selection will now revert to the last service inserted into the booking.

Debtor Receipt Messages

Debtor receipt messages have been enhanced and allow the printing of receipt transactions where the value will appear on the document as a positive amount.

If a negative amount is required this can be achieved via a maths calculation coded within the message template.

Product Search Filters

The product application has been further modified applying enhancements to product search filters.  If the user’s company is using localities, classes and/or amenities for their advance product filters, the system will now filter product based on the selections thereby narrowing the product results returned. 

A clear button has also been introduced allowing users to easily clear the filtered selections returning to the defaulted ‘All’ selection.

Direct Report Printing

A number of reports can now be printed directly from the reports application instead of users downloading them or outputting to a PDF to print.

If you have an on-premise installation of Tourplan NX you will be able to activate this functionality. If you are using Tourplan's hosted service you will need to have an internet enabled printer. Please contact your local Tourplan support office to enquire about setting this up in the cloud environment.

Page Break Control in Messaging

Messaging Templates can now be coded using a page break substitution code.  The use of <PAGEBREAK> will pinpoint the exact location a page break is required in a document.

Insertion of page breaks is technically possible however advance knowledge of messaging setup functions and consideration of a user’s existing message setup is required.





Booking Navigation Options



Tourplan NX now allows companies to set INI settings to determine the workflow for their users inserting bookings into the FIT and/or Group applications. 

The FIT application INI settings have a selection for users to create a booking then open either:

  • the service insert screen, or
  • the booking details screen

The Groups application INI settings have a selection for users to create a booking then open either:

  • the booking details view, or
  • the Itinerary view screen

Please speak with your local Tourplan support office.

Bulk Message Options

Bulk Messaging functions have been enhanced to enable consolidation of generated messages and sent messages.